Award Winning & Best-Selling Book!

Looking for an adventurous children’s book that highlights anti-racism and inclusion? If so, then Shiloh and Dande the Lion is for you!

Embrace diversity, accept others, and courageously be yourself!

Shiloh and Dande the Lion is an imaginative story that explores diversity, tolerance, and empowerment through the fantastic dream of a young boy. Shiloh whose name means peace, is bullied at a new school for the color of his skin. After talking to his mom about it, Shiloh discovers a dandelion in his backyard. He makes a wish, goes to sleep, and Dande the Lion comes to life! Unexpected adventures await Shiloh, as he meets unlikely creatures that share their magical experiences, to help him gain courage, confidence and overcome adversity.

This beautiful 62- page concept picture storybook, is a great resource and conversation starter, for any parent, teacher, and/or counselor, looking for a book filled with symbolism to help children understand the value of:

  Overcoming Bullying

Coming Soon!


48 FUN ACTIVITIES: Designed to Encourage a Healthy Sense of Self for Boys and Girls

Color Me Diverse, encourages children to creatively express themselves in a therapeutic and positive way. It is a great tool to help empower boys and girls to identify the strengths that make them special, unique, and diverse! Activities range in complexity, from simple coloring pages, to fillable exercises, all under the guise of fun-filled activities.

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