I’m on a mission to create diverse and inclusive books that help children learn invaluable lessons, while they receive powerful and inspiring messages.

I have always been passionate about helping children and families, and I absolutely love being a therapist. I also always knew that I wanted to write children books; but I wasn’t for sure how to go about it, at first.

After I had my son Shiloh, I got diagnosed with a rare heart condition, called Peripartum Cardiomyopathy (PPCM). This diagnosis shifted my thought process and although I have always been motivated and goal oriented, it made me want to challenge myself in a different way. Suddenly, everything about writing books came into perspective for me. I realized, that I needed to write books that inspire not only my son Shiloh, but all children, especially black and brown boys, who are often either underrepresented or misrepresented in the media. So, I did just that.

It’s my mission to create diverse and inclusive books that also have a therapeutic element. In addition to, encouraging adults and children to have open dialogue about tough topics, in tactful ways. I want my books to offer feelings of confidence, inspire a sense of belonging, create a wider space for children to dream, and to fully embrace wholeness.

On my journey, I continue to get this unrelenting desire, something that calls me to do more, to be more; while encouraging others and pursuing my passions. I came to understand that this is something that I can’t repress. The only way it can be fulfilled is by simply pursing it, and I am committed to doing this, through my books. I am blessed to be able to receive daily inspiration from my husband and of course my son Shiloh.

I challenge you to go after whatever your heart desires. The world needs what you have, don’t doubt yourself or overthink it, you can do it! 

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